Affordable Housing in Queensland

Affordable housing is an issue affecting many low income Australians, with many people relying on a government pension as their only source of income. There are currently over 10,000 people on assisted accommodation waiting lists across Queensland, and the demand is increasing.

To meet this significant community need, Y-Care (South East Queensland) Inc. has purchased over 2,700 square metres of land in Nerang and has developed - with the Queensland Government's Department of Housing – Two affordable housing facilities with a total of one hundred and nine units which provide quality, affordable accommodation to people in necessitous circumstances.

Tenants for these affordable housing villages will be selected from Department of Housing waiting lists and will be those of with the highest need.

One of the distinct advantages Y-Care can provide to this model is the range of other YMCA services and programs that can be added in order to further reduce the distress and suffering seen as a result of poverty and misfortune.

Programs that will be made available include:

  • Health and recreational services
  • Education services
  • Low-cost, pre-packaged meals.